Although our Wake-Cup-Coffee doors have only recently opened in 2020, our idea of it has been roaming the air for the last twenty years. With our signature Bavarian soft pretzel sandwiches, French pastries, and our on-site roasted coffee drinks, we are able to bring flavors of Europe directly to your taste buds. We’re committed to providing supreme customer service in order to satisfy commuters with time-bound schedules, and also customers who are looking to sit down and enjoy themselves in our spacious seating area. With our original Wake-Cup-Shot made with delicious espresso and Nutella, it is our guarantee that you will be able to invitingly wake up during the early mornings of commuter travel. A few of our popular drinks, like our hot Nutella, are sure to be even more enjoyable than  the classic hot chocolate, and there’s nothing better than a smooth, velvety cold-brewed nitro coffee to be the cherry that tops your day. And we haven’t forgotten about our coffee connoisseurs. Our high-quality all-in-season specialty coffee beans are what make our pour overs simply delightful. So come inside and don’t be afraid to stick around for even more of our soon-to-come mouth-watering wake-cup drinks and cuisine.

We hope you enjoy the Wake-Cup-Coffee experience as much as we enjoy providing it to you.