With many decadent options, Wake-Cup-Coffee can satisfy even the most exquisite palate at reasonable prices.


Hot drinks:
1. Espresso
2. Double Espresso
3. Americano
4. Drip Coffee
5. Cafe Latte
6. Flat White
7. Cortado
8. Macchiato
9. Cafe Mocha
10. Red Eye
11. Tea
12. Chai Tea Latte
13. Matcha Tea Latte
14 Hot Nutella

Cold coffee drinks:
1. Iced Café
2. Nitro Café
3. Cafe Frappe
4. Iced Tea
5. Iced Lemonade


1. Butter Croissant 4.75
2. Pain Au Chocolat 5.00
3. Almond Croissant 5.50
4. Cinnamon Raisin Roll 5.00
5. Spinach and Feta pastry 6.00
6. Leak and Parmesan pastry 6.00
7.Greek Yogurt & Cheese danish 6.00
8. Sweet Butter Cheese danish 6.00
10. Apple Butter danish 6.00
11. Avalanche Chocolate croissant 6.00
12. Apple Cinnamon Muffin 6.00
13. Blueberry Muffin 6.00


1. Plain Pretzel 5.00
2. Pretzel with seeds 6.00
3. Cheese Pretzel 6.00

Breakfast egg Sandwiches on pretzel bun:

1.The New Englander 6.50
(Bacon, Egg, Cheese)

2. The Yankee 6.50
(Sausage, Egg, Cheese)

3. The Express


Sandwich on pretzel baguette:

Pastrami w pickles and mustard 11.75
Salami w Provolone cheese 10.75
Prosciutto w Provolone 11.75
Ham w Swiss Cheese 10.75
Avocado toast 11.75
Avocado toast w eggs 13.75
Avocado toast with Salmon 15.99
Avocado toast gluten free
Caprese 11.25
BLT 10.80
Quesadilla 10.75
Steak and Cheese 12.30
House Burger 14.75
Veggie Burger 16.80


1.Salmon Salad – Salmon, eggs over greens 12.75

2. Green salad 9.75

3. Grilled Chicken Salad 13.75


1. Soup of the day 9.75

2. French onion soup 9.75

3. Lentil Soup 9.75


Spinach and Chicken 14.75
3 egg omelet (add your ingredients) 7.75
House burger 14.75
Veggie Burger 16.25
Wake-Cup-Burger with Raclette Cheese and caramelized onions MP


2 Roads Honey Spot IPA $6.75
2 Roads Lil Heaven IPA $6.75
Miller Lite $5.50
Modelo Especial $6.75
Yuengling $5.50


Red: glass/bottle

1. Secret Cellars Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 $12 / $40

Leads with bright fruit aromas and hints of sage. On the palate, ripe black plum, black cherry, and currant flavors mingle with dark chocolate. Tannins are rich yet supple leading to a lovely, lingering finish.

2. Spigallo Chianti 2018 $11 / $36

Rich, full-bodied and perfectly balanced wine of intense ruby-red color with purple hints. It is characterized by delicate bouquet of red roses and berries (black currant and blueberry). The taste is rich, with an important tannic structure featured by lively and slightly sweet tannin

3. Townhouse Pinot Noir Central Coast 2017 $13 / $44

Nose full of leather, tobacco, cherry, and plum. Nice tannins, a bit on the lighter side. Very smooth. Flavors bursting of ripe plum, tasty cherry, light tobacco. Leathery finish at the end.

White: glass/bottle

1. Il Nido Pinot Grigio 2019 $9 / $27

Pale straw hue. Green Apple, slight citrus, and lemon peel. Light on the sweeter side of dry, but dry nonetheless. No alcohol burn, pretty tart, but no real astringency to it. The flavor bursts and then fades.

2. Campet Saint Marie Chardonnay 2018 $11 / $36

Light yellow with greenish tinge. Ripe yellow fruits, vanilla, perfume and tropical fruits. Great taste with hints of citrus, pomelo and buttery notes.

3. Trotamundos Sauvignon Blanc 2019 $10 / $33

Clear, straw-yellow color. On the palate, grassy, citrus with ginger notes, well-balanced, intense, with a touch of minerality. Dry, fresh, with a clean finish.

Rose: glass/bottle

1. Chateau Paradis Rose 2019 $14 / $42

Intense rose color. Rich and intense fragrance offers a blend of white pulp fruit and flowers with subtle spicy notes. Well balanced and generous, perfect mix of roundness and freshness with a long fruity finish.

Prosecco: glass/bottle

2. Parolvini Prosecco $9 / $9

Straw yellow color, with fine and persistent perlage. Intense flower fragrance, fruity, persistent and pleasing. Dry, harmonious, round, and spicy taste, with a pleasant aftertaste of apple. Round and pleasantly balanced.